Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who's got an XL marriage?

Q: What happened 40 years ago?
A: My Father married my Mother.

Congratulations to my parents.

About a year ago, the rest of my family watched Revolutionary Road.
When I found this out (I had already seen it), I said something to the effect of - "yeah, that movie can show you just how bad marriage can be"

I really wish I can remember how my Dad responded to that comment. It was a very simple tone - that I remember. But he really didn't have to say anything to get his point across: My parents are a great example of love.

The two of them are awesomely different.
One loves to dance while the other prefers not to, one votes left while the other votes right, one makes jokes even though the other doesn't laugh... It doesn't matter how, or even why, they love each other to the extend they do... What's impossible to explain is that my sister and I can sense it.

And I'm eternally grateful for it.

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