Monday, April 19, 2010

When is Indie Rock too cute for its own good?

Q: Who is the early front runner for the Best Band Name I've heard in 2010 award?
A: Before I forget, the best band name I heard in 2009 was "Victory Auto Rockers" (inside joke only known to those living in Chicagoland)

You know me, I love NPR's All Songs Considered!
The latest episode is one I would like you to check out (
The primary reason is because this particular episode features "my favorite band not named Radiohead"

NPR is also streaming the entire new album by Broken Social Scene, which I won't get my pre-ordered copy until the first week of May.

I will choose to wait until after their performance of "Forced to Love" (which will be on this Thursday's Letterman) gets uploaded to YouTube to tell you what I think of Forgiveness Rock Record.

Today I want to talk about The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt.
A song of theirs was also featured on the aforementioned podcast.

The song selected was "Iotdwykiyhtbr"

That's an acronym for "It's Okay To Do What You Know In Your Heart To Be Right"

It's from an album titled I Love You. I Love You. I Love You And I'm in Love With You. Have An Awesome Day! Have The Best Day Of Your Life!

The song is... okay... It seems like more effort was exhausted in the naming process. I'm kinda on the fence about these titles. It's a complete joke on itself, so you have to take it as fun. But there comes a point when you're just too cute for your own good. Here's where you can go hear the song.

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