Friday, April 16, 2010

Why is your kickball teamed named 'Kick Tan Laundry?'

Q: Are you familiar with what "Gym Tan Laundry" means?
A: Feel free to check out Urban Dictionary if you don't.

My second season of kickball started Thursday Night at Brands Park (Located near the triple intersection of Belmont, California and Elston in Chicago). We lost 9-11. It was a solid contest with a few mistakes, but an overall admirable performance to start a season.

You could not have asked for a more beautiful late Spring night in Chicago, as far as the weather was concerned. The entire KTL team was in good spirits throughout the game. Even when we gave up a 5 run inning, which at the time put us down 3-9, we didn't lose our spirit. We answered with a five run inning of our own - capped by a three run homer that yours truly kicked with two outs.

Now, it might not go into the official box score as a HR, per se...
Some who were there may only call it a mile high pop up that just barely got into right field.
But in kickball, fielding errors are a part of the game.
Kicking it purposely to weak fielders is a key strategy most employ.

Here's all I say: I kicked the ball and ran around the bases scoring a run before the next teammate stepped to the plate.

Mark it Dude.

Hopefully next week I'll remember to take pictures.
Double hopefully next week we'll win.

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