Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's on TV?

Q: What time is it?
A: Time for a seemingly endless string of random thoughts! (Television edition)

Every week, someone dies in Justified.
Attack of the Show, how I've missed you.
Modern Family, is too ribald, for my Old Fashioned Family. (but they love it)
Frisky Dingo has been the find of 2010, if that's possible because the episodes I'm seeing are from years ago.
Kanye West's Storytellers performance was amazing, and I don't mean like O.J.
I'm enjoying watching The Office again (BBC).
I'm regretting watching The Office again (NBC).
Where did Elimidate go? (oh, it's on ABC now, has hour long episodes, and is "classy" riiiight)
If CBS was a coloring book, everything would be colored inside the lines - FX on the other hand?
I used to be proud that I watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is now changing due in ZERO part to the show itself.
Can somebody, anybody, give me an alternative to Sportscenter?
There's no way to justify the fact that I'm recording Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.
Only one episode of Damages left before the Season Finale? - why is this show, and Lost, not including finales in their countdown?
V, you better watch yourself before you wreck yourself.
Memo to Palladia: please show your Coachella program again? Please?
Stupid 24. Stupid, stupid 24!
SNL, is anybody even paying attention to you now?
Who's idea was it to make The Masters in 3-D? Will John Daly's pants be there?

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  1. Correction on Justified - every week, Sheriff Bullock shoots someone. Next week, I'm looking for him to shoot his dad. Loved the Cameron Frye guest appearance, though.

    FX does that weird countdown to the finale with other shows too - The Shield and Rescue Me both did it. I think they want to decrease the number in the countdown to increase the urgency of their viewers watching.