Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you want to go to Vegas with me?

Start the countdown! 117 days until Vegas!

Oh God, I'm out of control giddy right now.
Seeing as how I've made quite a few concessions for this trip, you'd think my excitement might be tempered, but no.

I've never been on Spirit Airlines before... That's gonna change.
I said I wouldn't take a Red Eye home from Vegas again... That's no longer true.
Last night I swore I'd never pay more for a hotel bill in Vegas than airfare... but...

Because I used all my "Chase Ultimate Rewards" on the plane ticket along with taking the hot Red Eye fare with Spirit - I chopped by plane ticket down to a crazy low $149.05.
That's $149.05 outta pocket for the round trip muthafaaaaaaa!
(Understanding Spirit makes their bread with checking luggage and the like, I'm still going to have to navigate around any extra fees they may throw at me)

Now for the hotel, the Red Eye wrinkle means one less night I need a hotel. And that extra night was going to be one of the more expensive nights, which led me to dump my last idea of staying in an off strip motel. I picked Imperial Palace for it's location directly across the street from Caesar's (and their great late night poker tournaments) and an awesomely easy lazy stroll to my much beloved Wynn Property.

Yeah, IP isn't gonna make any panties drop - but that's not why I'm going to Las Vegas. I've also settled with the bad joke I'll be running into the ground over the next 100+ days:

Where are you staying?
"The Palace"
Caesar's Palace?
"No, the real palace - Imperial Palace."

(Then I'll start quoting a piece of the below clip from City Hall in a reference that nobody will get)

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