Friday, November 5, 2010

Have you heard the new All Songs 24/7?

If you haven't heard NPR's newly launched All Songs 24/7 streaming music channel, check it out. Well, only if you like the same kind of Indie Rock that I love...

Every day I'm thankful that I can listen to my own music at work. I've been solely an iPod guy while many others plug into Pandora or their XM/Sirius feed thorough their computers. There are a few computer applications/programs I use that can't be muted and my headphone cord is just a tad too short to make a comfortable stretch from the jack to my ears. However, push came to shove when I forgot to charge my iPod and was facing dead silence at work.

Luckily, my backup is my phone - and I was able to finally try out the All Songs 24/7 offering from NPR's app. (note that the same feed is available though the

The All Songs Considered program turned ten years old recently. The crew behind it gathered every song from their ten years of episodes to provide the content for the 24/7 stream. I've been listening to it for a significant time each work day for the past two weeks and haven't heard a song repeated yet! What I love the best is that it's a lot like if my iPod was on shuffle, with how it seems to play one of my favorites that I happen to own about twice an hour.

This afternoon, for example, it played a song that I remember really digging when it was on the show - but I never ended up buying the song... The below track by Flying Lotus was the musical highlight of the afternoon:

All Songs Considered has been one of my favorite podcasts for the last two plus years. It was an undisputed #1 until recently losing it's top spot to Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, but that's a different story.

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