Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's the stupidiest mistake you've made on iTunes?

I've said many times, especially on this blog, that I prefer buying mp3s on Amazon over the iTunes Music Store. However, I'm still prone to making purchases like it was 2007.

After hearing a song by The Field on the epically wonderful All Songs 24/7 stream, I looked up some other tracks on YouTube. A day later, after seeing that the album was like priced on Amazon and iTunes I decided to throw a little business Apple's way (since they seem to be struggling?).

You know when you click purchase, and a window pops up saying, "Are you sure?"
If you're like me you often go, "Damnit, I clicked it - didn't I?"
Guess what sports fans, I bought the wrong album. Look at how the two different albums look alike!

Who knows why - but I went ahead and bought the album I intended to initially purchase a minute later. My intention was to write a post about how I stumbled into a wonderful bounty of music... But I hate that other album I never wanted to buy... And it seems to be infecting my enjoyment of the other album.

It's very frustrating. Some days I feel like a smart music shopper. For example, yesterday I wrote about an amazing concert that only cost me $15 (note: FREE PARKING too!). This misadventure cost me a total of $19.98... I honestly can not remember the last night I spent close to $20 in digital music on one day. Rest assured it will be a while until that is repeated.

And you can bet that spending binge won't be through Apple.

By the way, here's the song I used to like that started this mess:

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