Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you eaten a McRib?

I love McDonald's.... Immensely... I can put in a majorly huge order if so destructively motivated. Screw it, I'll eat an entire white bag of hot fries if given the opportunity. So, with that being said, how is it that I've never had a McRib?

It's such an iconic menu item. You hear of its reappearance like a rumor in the wind. And it disappears with as much mystery. Even people who don't like McDonald's like this item.

While standing in line at lunch at maybe it's polar opposite counterpart, Panera, I saw a tweet from a local photographer, concert/music enthusiast, Will Rice confessing his McRibless life.

It got me to thinking... Who else is out there? I'm not just talking about Vegetarians. I'm interested in people who willingly go to McDonald's but have never ordered the McRib.

Mr. Rice also mentioned, via Twitter, that he has also abstained from the Big Mac. This doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me because we've all had the components that make up the Big Mac in other menu items. Whether you know it or not, you've probably eaten a Big Mac. On the other hand, there's no sideways route to the McRib.

Tell me: Have you or have you not eaten a McRib?


  1. Unfortunately, No. I have not. What's the consensus? Are we missing out?

  2. I have never eaten a McRib OR Big Mac. McNuggets are my crack cocaine.(especially after a night of drinking)

  3. I've never had one either & I feel like I'm an ideal candidate. Ribs are my all-time favorite food & I love me some McDonalds. I'd have to agree with, Anon though. If I'm going to McDonalds it's because I'm craving McNuggets. Maybe this will be the year I try the McRib?!

  4. Two more "no" comments were on my Facebook link and my informal work survey uncovered another. Combined with the other people that replied to Will Rice's tweet I think we can have enough for a full basketball roster.

    My biggest reason not having the McRib - I just can't look past the non-bone material in the shape/form of a bone.