Thursday, November 11, 2010

Read the Erik Larson book yet?

I've read The Devil in the White City. Truthfully, it didn't blow me away like most people who have read it. I read it about three years ago, well after most of my friends and Mom had read it. After I saw more people reading it on the eL, I read it more as a requirement for living around Chicago than anything else.

All my tepid remarks on the nonfiction work aside, I was damn near ebullient when I saw the above tweet. Leonardo DiCaprio would be perfect as the charismatic serial killer. And you just know there will be a dynamite director that's going to set the scene at the 1893 World Fair. Hopefully IMDB's 2013 projection isn't too far off.

(By the way, I am posting this on November 11, DiCaprio's birthday)

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