Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who wanted to be in Red Eye for a week?

One of the people I follow, Elliott Serrano (@GeekToMe), passed along a contest by an editor at the Chicago Tribune's microblog Five on Five. I heard that opportunity and hoped to lazily wedge my foot into the knocking door.

Mr. Serrano tweeted that Five on Five was the path to his blog. Cue delusions of grandeur. Or at least, delusions of free paper temporary notoriety. "Yes, I think it's apt for me to have a week long showcase since my blog already has a question theme." Or maybe this fantasy conversation would mention that it was destiny?

Look how close I came!

I wrote to the winner, @downers89, "congratulations.... I type that as insincerely as one who was the 1499th follower can."

Admittedly, I only clicked follow for this contest. However, I'm not going to unfollow like a bunch of us greedy tweeters did. Mr. Moore's on a follow tryout, which he'll surely pass if he is as useful as his @GeekToMe associate.

Maybe I'll try to get into this thing the old fashioned way of answering the five questions of others in the hopes of being contacted? Time will tell. But I'll tell ya: getting that thing would've been quite a bump to my narcissism.

In a related note, all my friends are probably happy I didn't win this because I would've been in everyone's grill that entire week demanding they pay more attention to Red Eye than a baby on a ledge.

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  1. All I can say is keep at it. It took me a loooong time to establish my presence as a writer in Chicago so that when they took notice, the RedEye gave me a shot. ;)

    Keep the faith!