Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Should you care that The Beatles are on iTunes?

Today's big music news was the announcement that The Beatles are now available for purchase on Apple's iTunes Music Store. It prompted a lot of jokes and a general feeling of who cares. I even participated in some of this feigned anti-hype.

Leave it to the wonderful Alyssa Milano to set me straight:
To all of you saying "what's so amazing about the Beatles on iTunes? I ripped the cd's yrs ago?" It's not abt U. It's abt younger & future generations that rightly believe cd's R archaic & wld otherwise not have access 2 the greatness. My future children won't have access to cd's. But they will have access to iTunes. Do you think I wanted to listen to my dad's vinyl when the auto-reverse Walkman came out? Hell no. (end of rant)
She's absolutely correct. I'm thankful that I was able to get the entire Beatles catalog from a friend who, unlike me, wasn't raised in a house devoid of music. This same Beatles Giver has a good bit about how our generation has lost sight of good albums, and won't be able to pass music onto the next generation. To paraphrase the highlight of his stance, "What are people going to tell their kids when asked what they listened to? 'Uh, whatever was on YouTube.'"

In the logistical sense, how will we pass along music to our kids - literally? Are we going to toss Junior a flash drive filled with mp3s that we want listened to while operating the family hovercraft? I don't even understand how couples share music today? Do you take her, in sickness and in health, in Shania Twain and Fatboy Slim? (I will know I'm ready to marry someone when I start learning how to use iTunes' Home Sharing)

For the record (no pun intended), this news isn't as important to me as the yesterday's music news. Speaking of Yesterday...

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