Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What did I do without Facebook?

A man I just met last night told me that it takes a couple months to "find your voice" on Twitter. He may be on to something, for all I know I spent the majority of my "month off Facebook, but on Twitter" not knowing who to be or what to say on Twitter. By the end of the month I finally settled upon a picture to post, name to use and bio to write.

So what did replace my time during October? Did I do something productive? Not really. I ended up spending a lot of time thinking about my blog (and more time writing). I changed my top logo, updated my far too outdated profile picture, widened the layout and tweaked the design template.

I understand that most people don't go to this site unless they click a link from their Facebook feed. Also, I don't think anybody would read the 20 posts written during the hiatus (which is the 3rd highest volume number in the five years I've been blogging). Here are the three posts I was most proud of, that if you have some more time to kill, that might be worth a click:

*Which is not saying a lot. Double because some of the comments are from me thanking the strangers that commented. I wonder if there was some search that disgruntled fans were typing into Google that was pointing them in my direction. Regardless, it's a post that was tough for me to write, but very self gratifying.

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