Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can you paint the picture?

Q: Where am I?
A: My balcony.

It is 64 degrees in the City of Destiny tonight.
I am sitting on a chair on my balcony.
My headphones are pumping the song "Ready, Able" into my brain.
This is why I like mobile blogging.

Although I set the whole mobile capability up in order to document a
recent trip to San Fran, this is really the reason why I like it.

For when I am by myself late into the day at my condo (and without a
purpose) I am usually attempting to empty my mind at my computer, or
trying to clear it on my balcony. Tonight I'm thowing my stone at
both birds.

Washington Street is, 99% of the time, very peaceful. When I am out
here past dusk, only two things tend to disrupt the tranquility:
-the late arriving neighbor parrell parking
-smokers across the street lighting up

It's such a wonderful night in Des Plaines.
Later this month will be the 3 year anniversary of my closing.
Not much has changed in those 3 years.
I have a new couch, hopefully soon a new roof, and a sense of mature

The first month living alone, I remember, presented an odd challenge.
I didn't know how to cope with just myself. Nobody just "stops by"
like your friends down the hall when living in a dorm...

You are home and your day is done. Hello evening and good night. I'm
used to it now, and don't fear it. The opposite may now be the case.

UPDATE: my neighbors to the immediate east just appeared on their
balcony. Luckily I know that they never initiate contact with me. I
am dead to any neighborly contact now thanks to my eyes transfixed on
this text and my ears in iPod occupation.

Yesterday was a day for me to recharge batteries that weren't
neccisarily in need of recharging. I woke up early, but napped most of
the afternoon. Watched a DVD, but not of a Film but a TV show now
extinct. I also watched a meaningless preseason NFL game.

Sometimes when I sit out here on the balcony I want to see life.
Health conscious feet running. Canine friendly owners walking.
Mindless children ambling. Older folks strolling.

Othertimes I prefer to stare into a suburban abyss. Rows of midsized
sedans parked in preparation for the workweek. Trees with soon to be
departed leaves. Sidewalks with zero trace of snow, salt, or snap.

When I bought the chair I am now sitting on, I bought two. I don't
think the two have ever been used at the same time. I would like to
think I might be able to share this quiet relection with another. But
D.P. isn't the sexiest of locales. Not exactly a third date preposition.

I think I'm going to attempt to fall asleep earlier than normal
tonight. Hopefully this post will have served some sort of purpose...

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