Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you really have to ride a street car in San Francisco?

A few loose ends to clear up, as I write this at the end of my second
day of my summer vacation:

- John Hughes is dead. Just yesterday I remarked hoe I was involved in
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A comment to that remark called that
film one of the greatest of all-time (not just of comedies). How can
you disagree?

- I received another comment to a recent post: looking for some
background into why my cousin's fiancée is "the one.". Honestly I
don't know. It's kind of a tough question for me to ask my cousin.
Not to mention I have yet to meet her, and really hope to learn more
about her before making my theory. But I do know my cousin was first
intersted in her because of common interests such as TRAVEL and golf.
(trust me, when my cousin mentioned TRAVEL my tounge almost bled from
biting it so hard)

- Earlier today I posted more refrences to the ABC-TGIF sitcom Full
House. In my unjustified exhuberence I misspelled Saget. If you were
a good detective you might have realied that the F key is next to the
G key, an error I repeated with R and T. At least I got Stamos in
there correctly on first attempt

And now a lecture on street performers:

There are a few of them in San Fran. I have seen more than 3 "robot
men" in silver glitter body paint. Only one Michael Jackson (RIP)
impersonator. And an odd clown with balloon animals.

These don't bother me. I avoid them and don't take a picture. If you
decide to take their picure, I hope you tip them.

Now there are also some homeless men panhandling in SF. I am used to
seeing this. Very frequently, walking to class in Milwaukee, I would
encounter these types of situations. It doesn't faze me.

But there is a hybrid of sorts down on fisherman's wharf: a panhandler
street performer. I didn't care much for him. He holds up a large
tree branch, hiding himself, on the sidewalk. Periodically he dips
down the branch to startle a pedistrian. Many laugh at the freaked
out walker, but the victim rarely laughs. For example, my Mom.

Something just doest sit right with me in this scenario. The concept
isn't funny to me.

Finally, it is now certain that our 50 or so hours in San Fran proper
will not include a trolley car. This doesn't upset me at all, but the
rest of my family doesn't feel the same way. It is just something to
say you did. Nothing is improved from the venture. It would cost a
total of $20 for the 4 of us to ride the car from our hotel to
Fishermans Wharf. We took a cab for $12. Oh, and the wait for the
trolley was an hour.

We did try to get on one if these primitive devices. On the way to
the In-N-Out yesterday we were unable to hop on mid route. The car
was full. The line was too long for our patience at the end of our
day yesterday only to see the line even longer today.

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