Saturday, August 8, 2009

What can be better than this?

Day 3 wrapup:

I haven't seen these cousins since the last family wedding.
That was six years ago,
However, it has felt like no time has passed at all.
Tonight I was invited to the rehersal dinner.
Not being in the actual cermony at all, I was honored
Yes, modern custom has driven most weddings to invite out-of-town
family to these affairs.
But it is not a given, and I am exhuberent to be included.

I failed in picture taking tonight. There were just too many cousins
that I needed to reconnect with tonight. No time to step back and
report. Luckily I will be back in at that locale tomorrow, and will
get the scenery pics out of the way first.

Kinda at loss for things to do tomorrow, pre cermony. Maybe I will
actually sleep in tomorrow? But that seems lime a waste of an
opportunity. My cousin Tom, the one from Vermont - not the one
getting married, is staying at the same hotel as me. Tonight was the
first time I met his wife Amber. I am looking forward to spend more
time with them.

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