Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Q: Can I pull this off? Will anybody still read these after it's done? Will anybody care?
A: We will see.

As I sit here, well past midnight in my parents' house, incapable of sleeping I have made a decision. For the first time in my nearly 4 years of blogging I will attempt "live blogging."

Although the experiment is technically starting right now, as I dillegently punch every character with my two thumbs in a pitch black TV room in Arlington Heights, the "event" for this chronicling expedition begins in a little under 4 hours. For that is when the cab arrives to take us to the airport. All four of us, my nuclear family, will be on the first flight to San Francisco. After 50 or so hours of random yet specific touristy activities, we will all travel via rental car one hour north to St. Helena (wine country). That is where my cousin Tom will get married on August 8.

My friends have told me I am wrong to think this will be our last family vacation. I hope they are right, but just in case I hope this project will result in a nice pseudo-journal that I can look back at and smile.

Thank you in advance to you, whoever you are reading this, for your unasked compliance. I am not sure how this technology will appear on your end, and hope the pictures I intend to take are clear. One thing is for certain: the unfiltered mind of yours truly (especially without spell check) is a dangerous idea.

Stay tuned (or if you'd rather, turn away now while you still have the chance).

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