Monday, August 17, 2009

What's the craziest thing you saw today?

Q: Why do you keep f*ckin' bothering me!?
A: I don't know lady, please, I don't know.

What a sight.
A woman in a full scale yell into her cell phone.
One of those: hold out the phone away from your ear "microphone style."

I was walking into McDonald's circa six o'clock.
Yes, that's my sin.
Normally I take my shame drive-thru style.
You see, lately my food taste has come under some small scale attack.
Some of my friends think I have more than a suitable inkling towards bad burgers.
I don't argue... much...
For the most part... they're correct...

But I had this coupon for a free McDonald's Angus Burger.
By the way, McD's needs to QUIT being CLASSY.
Although they've been blitzing the airwaves touting these "upscale" burgers, I had no clue which one to get.

Which made me walk into this well known establishment as opposed to distant yet familiar method.

Miss "Can you hear me motherf*ckin' now?" Lady was in her car - in one of those side parking spots: the "your drive-thru order is not yet ready" reserved space. Which placed her near the front door, right along my path.

The first I heard her I was quite a distance away from her car. Also thinking that was no way just one half of a conversation, I spun around expecting to see a sidewalk fight. Nope, as I continued walking my astonishment grew.

What the f*ck!?
Why do you keep f*ckin' bothering me?
I don't give a sh*t, STOP CALLING ME!

A one person car wreck.
I couldn't help but continue gazing from inside, waiting in line for my free Angus Burger (which eventually cost over $4 after the required Drink & Fry purchase).
It seemed she went silent, almost peaceful, when she ended her call.
But then she started at it again....
I thought: Why did she pick up that next call?
I also thought: What the hell is taking so long to get ready at McDonald's?

By the time the McDonald's worker brought over a remarkably small bag to her car - they lady was entirely occupied by her rage. The disenfranchised, but uniformed, soul had to just stand there literally holding the bag... Unable to get a word in edgewise (although, what could one possibly say in the midst of that?)

Finally, the exchange was made and when the employee walked back inside I gave her a nod and said, "are you okay?" She responded with a classic chuckle/smile while shaking her head 'no.'

EPILOGUE: that burger sucked.

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