Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How did my cousin meet his about-to-be wife?

We didn't end up having famous San Fran Seafood tonight.
Something much better happened.

My Uncle Tom and my cousin Tom joined us for drinks and conversation
in our hotel lobby cafe.
By the way, at least one more "Tom" is scheduled to appear this weekend.

The cousin Tom that joined us is the one who is getting married this
Saturday. Tonight we heard the story of how he met his fiancée.

In a remarkable display of candor, my cousin admitted to the following
methods of modern day dating that eventually led the way to find the
love of his life. His path included bouts with "Match" "eHarm" and
"Speed Dating."

All of those avenues were dead ends. However he said the speed dating
had the most success out of those schemes I just mentioned. A few of
you know that I had a miserable failure of a foray into Speed Dating.

"Its Just Lunch" is how he met her. My cousin signed up for a plan
that promised him at least 12 dates in 12 months. He said, without
batting an eye, that he had been on 20 dates through this service
before finding the winner.

If accurate, and I am giving my cousin the benefit of the doubt, this
20 date figure is astounding!

Going on that many ultimately unsuccessful dates in a short time frame
would cripple my resolve, dignity, stamina and overall quality of life.

I have already had an immense amount of respect for this cousin of
mine. He has had envious jobs in the sports world that has sent him
to multitude of marquee events (including 3 Olympics). Also being one
of my funnier cousins, I have always wanted to have a closer
relationship with him. The story I heard him masterfully tell tonight
has vaulted him into clear admiration status in my psyche.

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  1. This is a pretty thorough play-by-play on the inside baseball of modern dating, but what about their unique chemistry? What made your cousin's fiance the One?