Friday, August 7, 2009

Crabcake or lobster ravioli?

I forgot to mention our San Fran Seafood choice: Scoma's

Maybe I don't have as much experience in this arena, but if all the
seafood meals I have ever had in my entire life: Scoma's was the best.

It's right on the Wharf, but doesn't have as obnoxious of a sign as
the other restaurants. My parents knew of this place because my Dad's
sister and her late husband took them there years ago. I know
understand why they remembered it as well as they did.

My Dad had Clam Chowder, MySister had the Crabcake sandwich and my Mom
had the Crabcake dinner (which means she got a couple more cakes
without an Onion roll). I ordered the Lobster Ravioli, but traded some
of that with my Mom for a Crabcake.

Typing this encounter is really making me hungry, and slightly sad
because I don't know how long (if ever) I will have seafood that great

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