Friday, October 16, 2009

Do you want to know who sends you unsigned messages?

Q: Why do I allow "anonymous" comments on my blog?
A: Because I welcome honest reactions and opinions.

Quite a comment from my last post:

As with all comments, this made my day.
I'm especially happy because the specific area referenced in this comment was very deep into a long post. I am appreciative that this unknown commenter stuck with that post long enough to get to that section.

This warrants a longer, more direct response.
I need more time to craft what I need to say, because it's clear I missed the point.

Long story short: the above comment is right:
-Current Political Events are not pointless
(It is my opinion that the majority of the arguments have, at the least, misguided points)
-My points are generally irrelevant, proving the last point as well.

I will not be revealing any of my personal political beliefs.
Additionally, I will not be asking anybody to share theirs.
The issue I hope to address is the social construct of the modern political discourse in America today.

Tune back in tomorrow, as hopefully I will separate "talking politics" from "Political Discussions." However, at least one person believes I can't make a logical and convincing argument.

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