Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What do you get from a season of kickball?

Q: Is it over?
A: Yes, but hopefully we can play again in the Spring.

Well, I think a better team won,
Tonight Conflict Diamond's first season came to a close.
The consolation prize: finally receiving our T-Shirts:

I'm glad I brought my camera, for I took a few more pictures.
And it just wasn't of the photogenic women of our club:

Above is Diana and Michelle.
Below is Zach and Jeff.

And finally, a great pose from our pitcher Jessica.

Bonus Note: Jessica has the athletic accomplishment of the kickball season.
During the season, she trained and completed her first marathon in an astounding sub-5 hour time!

We'll see what happens next season when we have veterans kickin' balls and ass.

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