Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is everyone smiling?

Q: Is the kickball season over?
A: Nope, just the regular season... It's playoff time in kickballville!

So everyone is smiling for a very simple reason:
Conflict Diamond won it's regular season finale 11-2.

With a record of 3-4, we'll be the 5 seed in the 8 team playoff.
It turns out, having a massive roster close to 20 was the right idea.
Nearly everbody said they would be at tonight's game 8 weeks ago.
This is why I was hoping to get a good group picture tonight.
Various unforeseen events led to us with almost the bare minimum.
Which, gloriously, led to no roster stress for yours truly.
Plenty of playing time to go around.
Not to mention, when you score 11, everyone kicks more too.

A special thanks to three coworkers who chose to cheer us on tonight.
I know I've been hanging my head slightly low this last week.
A company wide e-mail announced our record of (at the time) 2-4.
Worse yet, it listed the scores (some of which weren't too flattering).
It feels double nice to have witnesses to a victory.
I told them to spread the word that our team can win.
They felt the enthusiasm too, as illustrated by their post game Hi-5.

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