Friday, October 9, 2009

What were you thinking two years ago?

Q: Do you ever look back into your e-mails to see what was on your mind a year ago?
A: In my case, I tend to look at old blog posts (below is "More disconnected thoughts from the sleepless" originally posted October 9, 2007 on MySpace's now defunct View de TQ blog)

Finally acquired the new Kanye album from a coworkin' friend - now I'm really looking forward to my return to live Hip-Hop this Halloween at the House of Blues (Lupe Fiasco)

Mr. Thomas Brady, the quarterback of the New England Football Patriots - please continue your excellence - my fantasy (football team) is coming true.

This Saturday I will be in a tuxedo for only the third time of my life. Skip, you're worth it.

I was invited to go out to a couple gay bars last Saturday. Decided to play poker instead (no pun intended).

For the first time in my life, the hours between 8 am and 5 pm seem to be in better order than anytime after 5 pm. I do not like that fact.

A little over a week ago a friend asked, "did she have a ring on her finger." I didn't know the answer. I used to be pretty much on top of that - what does it say about me that I'm not even taking the effort to check anymore? (assuming it's there either in reality or in theory)

Very recently I was asked "Do you still play basketball?" I had to pause. "It's not a tough question." was the follow up comment. No it's not, but why am I making it tough? Sure, I used the whole face-breaking incident as a fall back excuse, but that's not it

Every other commercial is for a film I really want to see.

I may soon set a record: most money spent at Costco without showing (let alone owning) a Costco Membership card.

Explaining what I do for a living is difficult to say in under 7 minutes. That has to be boring to all else but me.

Yes the Bears won, but let's still start talkin' Bulls.

Nothing made me happier last month that listening to my Father's stories from his first visit to Ireland - this is saying a lot because September was very good to me. In fact, September 2006 was the best month of my life ever, and Sept 07 was a very nice follow up act.

Even if you understand - you may not comprehend.

Nip/Tuck is commin' back... It's gonna be worse than ever before (and that means I'll only want to watch it more)

Friday Night Lights is already back... It's going to continue to be as good as it was (and that means nobody will want to watch it)

I think Rexy will be Sexy elsewhere very soon. And I hope he leaves. Chicago was so poor to him, and yet I still believe in him... He deserves better - and I will continue to root for him.

Eddy Curry got hurt today. I care less about that individual.

In the beginnings of a major upset to my popular opinion - I am starting to wonder if raising a daughter would be an easier proposition than a son. This is classic beyond issue worrying.

3 AM Eternal, as I look at the clock right now, only makes me think of one thing.... not the amount of time I have left to rest... I can only think of the classic late 80s track by The KLF. Paging Mr. iTunes.

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