Friday, October 30, 2009

Where do you prefer to listen to new music?

Q: What has four words, four syllables, and just four tracks on their latest album?
A: "Other Truths" by Do Make Say Think
Here's a sample of Do Make Say Think. It's the music video for "In Mind" from their album You, You're a History In Rust

Ladies & Gentleman we have a new winner...
For most absolute obscure musical act in my iPod!

The guys from DMST have interconnected members with the Broken Social Scene conglomerate from Canada. Therefore, by definition, this is the latest installment in my personal quest to make "Mountie Rock" it's own Grammy Category (or at least get the phrase into our lexicon).

Not to mention, the next concert I see will be these guys in the first week of December.
Looking forward to it.

A friend gave me this "Other Truths" album, which was released in the past month.
The CD only left my car stereo momentarily for its iTunes import.
But it's back in there now.
It's the kind of music that makes you want to sit back and reflect upon matters...

Recently, I began taking inventory on where I listen to music most often.
(ranked by frequency)
- at my desk at work
- in my car
- from the computer in my bedroom (usually very late at night, always with headphones)

Of these top three options - in the car is the best.
It makes a lot of sense, since it's the only non-headphoned choice of the three.
Yes, I could listen to through speakers at home, but I choose not to out of politeness (I tend to like it loud, and I tend to listen to it late).

Here's the new album on Amazon

For the record: The opening track to this DMST album - is making a late run at Phoenix's "1901" for song of the year!

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