Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's keeping you awake tonight?

Q: What time is it?
A: Mindless rant time

At work today, I decided to listen to a live concert by The Frames.
This is the song that started the first encore:

It stopped me in my tracks.
I sat motionless in my cube.
Transfixed by the sound.
It's not a popular song, there is no official music video for it.
I embedded a video of the best version from a concert goer.
(For those of you not reading on the actual blog, but on facebook, here's the link:)
The video is from a performance in Belgium nearly two years ago.

As you know, I enjoy going to concerts.
Live music has become a newfound passion of mine.
But there have been two new advancements that almost replace it entirely.
One is HDTV - my friend has access to this amazing VH-1 offshoot channel that has programming that makes me druel.
The second is NPR's All Songs Considered Live Concert Podcast - with as much emphasis as this medium allows, I strongly insist that you check out their website to see the massive list of concerts available (all for free, all in great podcast quality)

There are many aspects of concerts many don't like.
The cost, the crowds, the general feeling of non comfort, the realization that you are one of the older ones in attendance, the sound quality, the inferior opening acts... the list can go on...
If you aren't willing, or don't care, to fight any of these perils check out that NPR podcast. You'll see tons of bands you've never heard of - have fun exploring.

That being said, I'm going to the House of Blues this Sunday Night.
I bought the ticket not checking the National Football League Regular Season Schedule.
It's directly opposite a Chicago Football Bears Football Game.
The band is Mute Math, or MUTEMATH (as iTunes chooses to list them on their latest album).
For the record, the HOB is one of, if the THE, best music venue in the greater Chicago area.

I was asked if I wanted to go to another show next month.
Thankfully, I have since uploaded the Bear schedule into my calendar.
Yes, the concert proposed was on a Thursday - but it happens to be a Bear Thursday Night NFL special game!
Lesson Learned / No Concert
(Besides, it was for an act I have already seen live before)

I've been feeling real active and real good lately.
Last night I played kickball (my team won)
Tonight I played basketball - and let me tell you about the joy of my Wednesday Night Basketball group...

Shirts vs Shirts
We collect canned goods for my parish's food pantry
No pricks
Tonight we had exactly ten show up
We played four games
My team lost the first two games
That first game - I didn't make a single shot

Then it started getting hot in the gym.
Primarily me.

I try to be somewhat modest
Which, directly contradicts the whole venture of blog writing.
But I really want to say how good I feel that I was hitting deep shots tonight.
And these just weren't open looks - closely guarded rise and release bombs.
If I pat myself on the back any harder, I'll hurt my hand and won't be able to finish typing...

Tomorrow night is a rehearsal dinner.
I've been an usher.
I've been a groomsman
And now, for the first time, I've been asked to get up and read one of the Readings.

As with all these, I truly feel honored to be included in these events.

But let me say that I think this latest gig is the best most sweet setup to date.
No Tux Rental, Hardly any responsibilities, and I get all the benefits of getting to go to the rehearsal dinner!
Oh, and I bet I got an upgrade as far as the reception seating is concerned.

My connection is with the Bride - I've known her for over 25 years and grew up less than two blocks away back in the less than charming, less than urban, suburb of Prospect Heights. The rehearsal is on a Thurssday, the Wedding on a Saturday.

By the way, the rehearsal dinner will be at Lou Malnati's! How infinitely awesome is that?

I'll be using that Friday as a rest day.

Sunday Night is the aforementioned concert.

Monday Night I am meeting two friends in town from Cleveland for dinner downtown.
I met this duo at Lebowski Fest two years ago. This dinner will further by belief that my obsession with The Big Lebowski has yielded more to my life than just an unhealthy amount of trivia knowledge and a penchant for quoting the film regardless of listener comprehension.

Tuesday night is Kickball Playoffs bitch!

And then we're back to one week from tonight: another late night Wednesday basketball run.

Unclassified Random Note Section
Have I mentioned that I am done dating strangers?
And strange women?
It's true, I've tried that route more than my share.
I think I may be a worse person because of it.
If there's another stranger I want to date, I need to get to know her first.
Yeah, it seems so crazy that I actually had to realize that.

I'm going into the much maligned Wrigleyville next weekend.
Someone's got a birthday.
Potentially one of the nicest people I know, a genuinely good citizen of the planet.
I've only known him for about two years, and I hate to sound all man crush like but the more I get to know him the more I appreciate knowing him.
It'll be great to be able to wish him a proper birthday alongside people who know him much better than I.

Someone who is ten years older than me gave me the following advice shortly before I began working 40+ hours a week for the rest of my life:
"If someone asks me for help, I always try - even if I'm not able to help out, it creates a great perception of you in others."
I try to follow this, even today.
It's great advice.
Especially if it's not my job I like being someone asked for help.
Sometimes I know I'm being used, but it's tough for me to say no.
The day they stop coming you for help may be the day they stop needing you.

Baskin Robbins, or 31 flavors - whatever, needs a better milkshake.
I got one today, and it was nearly pure liquid ice cream.
It's called viscosity BR31.
You're lucky you don't puncture a lung trying to get the Steak & Shake product up the straw.
But S&S is overkill - give me the Oberweiss milkshake.
Tonight I actually considered obtaining a blender.
Take this shake venture into my own hands.
However, that blender route could lead to weight I don't want.

Speaking of weight, another person I know started Seattle Sutton.
I've been off it for a loooong time now.
Kinda treading water at a weight larger than I want, but someone content in the fact that I'm not where I was...

The following statement is not an embellishment:
When I come home from work, insert my key into the lock, I fear that there will be a hole in my ceiling.
The roof situation in my condo building is beyond reason and I've lost all confidence in it's future. Bascially, I'm preparing for major damage to inflict my quality of life.
Just, please, don't wreck my new couch. The only good thing: it's making me not want to get a new TV because I'm afraid it will get snowed upon!

The stupidest thing I did today was take a spoon and shovel out a large portion of mashed potatoes onto my plate only to realize it was hummus less than a minute later.
If I'm on death row, my last meal will include Mashed Potatoes.

I realize it's important to stay current with the News.
Talking politics exists in a stratosphere beyond brutal.
Being in the midst of a discussion with people who don't agree with you is infuriating.
As it can also be with people that agree with you.
The whole venture seems pointless to me.
None of us are running for public office.
I haven't ever heard someone say, "that's a good point, I'll reconsider my stance."
It seems we're just arming ourselves to be better fighters for our next argument.

Time to listen to that violin solo one more time before my next failed slumber attempt.

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  1. "Talking politics exists in a stratosphere beyond brutal.
    Being in the midst of a discussion with people who don't agree with you is infuriating.
    As it can also be with people that agree with you.
    The whole venture seems pointless to me."

    Do you really think that the discussion of a topic that impacts everyone around you is "pointless"?

    "None of us are running for public office."

    This statement is completely irrelevant. Beyond that, I would bet that you have discussions/arguments about many topics that you are not involved in personally.

    Finally,the fact that you have never heard anyone "reconsider" their point just means you have not made a logical and convincing argument, let alone a "good point".