Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can you fake the funk?

Q: Do you find it hard to believe I don't dance?
A: You should, now, because it's not all that entirely accurate.

I know that I've introduced this man to you before, but to remind you:

This is Girl Talk, someone who mixes music that may soon make me dance.

Much to MySister's chagrin, more people have seen me dance in the last year than in my previous 29 years.
To the outsider, this might be interpreted as me finally shedding a shielding layer of vulnerability.
That might be true, but to a very minuscule extent.

Back in the hey day of the "25 Random Things" task that swept the world - I was more specific to why I prefer to not dance.

I'll spare you from sifting through that manifesto and copy what I wrote back in February in regards to dancing:

38. Some people can dance like no one is watching. Some people like to dance when others are watching. Nothing debilitates my self confidence than the feeling of eyes watching me dance. However, girls can get me to dance. But as much as it breaks my sister's heart - not her. I'm an absolute wreck at weddings, when people start dancing. I sweat bullets and pray I don't have to hurt someone's feelings by turning down a dance. Alcohol does cut through this. Whatever that inhibition is that is freed by booze can get me to dance - but only if I get "way in the bag" so to speak - to a level I rarely descend.

But there's a new caveat to my viewpoint that I recently discovered:
I need to really like a song to dance to it.
There are many people, that just need a beat.
Not I.

This statement, paired with the fact that the danceable music I enjoy is quite odd (i.e. Girl Talk) or not played at weddings (i.e. Daft Punk), results in me not dancing.

On a side, but very tangentially related, note: I am not a fan of New Year's Eve.
To me, it feels like an entire Valentine's Day compressed into a very awkward 20 minute period.
Not to mention, like St. Patrick's Day, it's Amateur Drinking Night in America.
Let me stay in, be alone, safe from myself and others.

What does this have to do with dancing?
Well, Girl Talk is coming to Chicago to perform a New Year's Eve show.

It's kind of difficult for me to believe what I'm about to write:

I want to go into the City on New Year's Eve.
And I want to go there to dance.

If you liked that Girl Talk concert clip, here's part two:

For the record I have very large doubts I'll get to this NYE show.
My doubts of finding someone to go with are even larger.

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