Sunday, October 31, 2010

Did you watch the first season of Covert Affairs?

Honestly, I never thought I'd think of Piper Perabo as anything more than the outline of her character in Coyote Ugly. That was an awful way to judge an actress - judging a role not seen in its entirety, but only from clips of TV Spots and Trailers.

If you saw the first season of the new USA draction (get it?) Covert Affairs you were probably as pleasantly surprised by Perabo as I was. She's not going to be nominated for an Emmy, but she made the show a fun and interesting watch although I did have issues with some of the direction the writers chose.

There are a lot of shows out there that are quazi-throwbacks to shows such as The A-Team or even The Incredible Hulk in which the viewer is required to suspend some belief to rationalize a bunch of lunacy in the plot or characters. But it's a refreshing watch - these shows such as Justified and the new Hawaii 5-0. Not every show needs to be held to standards such as The Wire for cultural relevancy or 24 for nonstop intensity.

And for me, trying to open up to new shows in a post Lost world, I take comfort in the entertainment a perky new CIA agent running down trains and foiling international plots in the interest of National Security provides.

By the way, I did hope to continue my recent Monday theme of "Woman of Note over 30" but I needed to post this a day earlier for two reasons. I already have a post I've been wanting to post on November 1 and today is actually Parabo's birthday. Once again, if not for IMDB's front page of new birthdays, I would have assumed she was well under 30.

Pieper, I hope you enjoy the company of Minka, Amber, and Kim.

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