Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do you want to "follow" the Jersey Shore cast?

In one of my recent sleepless nights I started playing a little Six Degrees of Twitter and stumbled upon the entire cast of Jersey Shore. With their season finale airing this week, perhaps you'd like a way to keep tabs on your favorite fist pumpers?
Nicole PolizziNicole Polizzi @Sn00ki (758,000+ followers)
JWOWW JWOWW @JENNIWOWW (440,000+ followers)
Pauly DPauly D @DJPaulyD (438,000+ followers)
Vinny Guadagnino Vinny Guadagnino @VINNYGUADAGNINO (334,000+)
Michael Sorrentino Michael Sorrentino @ItsTheSituation (323,000+ followers)
Samantha Giancola Samantha Giancola @MTVsammi (187,000+ followers)
Ronnie Magro Ronnie Magro @MTVRonnie (163,000+ followers)
All of those numbers were as of early Sunday night, no doubt those numbers have changed by the time you are reading this post.

Either Angelina does not have a Twitter account or nobody of the above cast have chosen to follow her. I can't believe the above wouldn't want to if able, for the smallest reason of knowing if (or perhaps when) she is tweeting trash about them. It's expected for Snooki (note that somebody must've gotten to that username first, for she has to use zeros for her name) to have the largest follower base but I'm surprised to see see JWoww in second. I would've assumed Pauly D, currently having a "hit" on the charts right now, to have a larger number. The Situation's relatively low follower number wouldn't be too surprising given the negative portrayal he's received in the recent episodes but he's also been on Dancing with the Stars during the same time span.

Nino Giaimo Nino Giaimo @RealUncleNino (13,000+ followers)
Caitlin Ryder Caitlin Ryder @Ryder__ (7,000+ followers)

I'm not currently following any of these people... Although I am tempted to follow Uncle Nino because it's rather clear from his tweets that he's doing it himself - not though a proxy.

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