Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why should Running Wilde get cancelled?

As difficult as it is for me to admit, for I love nearly all involved, Running Wilde needs to be canceled to allow its excellent cast to work on projects that better utilize their talents.

The writing as been on the wall predicting the end of Running Wilde. Today on Twitter many of the show's stars (and their famous friends via retweet) have been rallying supporters to halt it's demise. Facebook "save our show" pages aside, I need to tell them to "BIOYA" as my friend would say.

I've seen every episode, including tonight's effort, and my opinion remains steadfast against this show continuing. I'm sure there were fans of the sitcom starring George Clooney, Jason Alexander, and Mary McDonnell - but that show ended and those stars went on to iconic performances in other TV Series that have massive followings long since the shows ended by its own accord. For the record, tonight's show was the best one of the first four. I will continue to watch the show for however long it it runs, even if I do wish it wouldn't go much longer.

I love Keri Russell, and have been accused of having overtly favorable reviews of her work. However, unlike when I defended her Felicity character's haircut, I can not excuse the show despite her warm nature. Hopefully she lands a starring role in an hour long drama soon - I know she can carry a show again.

Will Arnett is one the funniest people today. I will watch anything he is in simply because of his inclusion and have enjoyed it (with this sole exception). Sadly, it hurts to see that his Steve Wilde character was written to be a predictable shadow of G.O.B. Bluth. Us fans know his range is larger than Running Wilde is allowing.

Should Mitchell Hurwitz be blamed? I don't know. He could do no wrong with Arrested Development, one of my top five favorite TV shows of all time. His Running Wilde efforts only seem to remind us simultaneously of Arrested's awe and Running's ruin such as having David Cross make a forced "Blue Man Group" reference.

As long as I'm piling on: Andy Richter is TV Series poison. Again, I think he's funny but his appearance on tonight's episode will go along his other notable TV Acting Roles such as his Arrested Development appearance in it's final shortened season and two failed sitcoms. He willingly left his most successful show, NBC's Late Night, and we all know what happened when he returned with Conan. Granted, that last comment was a cheap shot.

Is there any way for me to convince you of my intended connotation? I love all of the names I have seemingly tore apart in this post (even Richter, who I hope will find renewed success with Conan on TBS). It's because I love them so much is why I want them to all lose their jobs immediately - to make way for them to soar like a phoenix all the more sooner.

If anybody connected with the show happens to read this, I sincerely apologize if my views have been offensive or bothersome.


  1. I've "only" seen the pilot of running wilde and I absolutely agree with you.

  2. Totally agree with you, I'm a huge fan of everybody involved (though yet to be convinced of Keri Russell's comedic talents) but the show is just weak and makes me wince with embarrassment. Cancel it to germinate better things...

  3. Thank you both for your comments!

  4. worst sitcom ever! like they chose to piss on AD's grave. what were they thinking? thank god it's been axed.

  5. Everything I have ever thought about this show is on this page... love them all, (Keri Russell not so much, but then I never watched "Felicity") but all it did was make me sad for the days of Arrested Development! So glad they've shut it down, let them work on other much funnier things.

    Peter Serafinowicz - now his appearances were especially bittersweet. His own show and other work always has me cracking up. And i'm fairly sure he might have been the best thing about Running Wilde.

  6. Thanks again for another pair of stranger comments! I wish Fox would, as an experiment, run Arrested Development season one next fall in a dedicated time slot to see what would happen.