Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is the cost of free HBO?

I was hesitant when I first read "FREE HBO FOR 3 MONTHS (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)." I actually asked a couple friends if it was legit, and there was really no meaning to not think it was such since it did come from my Cable TV provider, not some unrecognizable 3rd party. It was agreed that the offer was a mix between banking on people either falling in love with HBO and will be convinced that they need to pay going forward or that people may be too lazy to cancel it once the free period ends.

The true cost was experienced today, as I waited until just a day before offer expired (I wanted to wait in order to have as much content available in On Demand as possible before the clock started ticking). The final step in the free sign up is a required "chat session" with the Comcast Analyst completing the order. But, it's worth it. I'll take 15 minutes of my day and typing "no" three times to their other special offers that are not free. I think that Comcast is willing to give me 3 months of HBO in order to have my undivided attention to sell me more of their products (since I don't pick up their telemarketer calls or open their mailed literature).

What's first? True Blood boobs, Entourage anal sex jokes, Real Time liberalism, Boardwalk Empire blood, In Treatment psychoanalysis or (insert Matt Damon movie title here)?

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