Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is an umlaut?

The lasting effect from my Twitter campaign will be the blogs I have discovered from other users. Two such blogs are Lost In Concert (@lostinconcert) and easy tiger (@coconnell1 ). Both were found by wandering through who else follows @MetroChicago.

Earlier this week Christine (of easy tiger blogdom) posted a track by Röyksopp. Like I just did, she used the umlaut when typing Röyksopp. It's unknown to me if she actually knows what keystrokes are needed to find that foreign character, of if she (like me) just copy and pasted from an iTunes music file. Since I'm also a fan of Björk, whenever I see an umlaut in use I like to give credit.

The duo Röyksopp, let it be known, is talented beyond their punctuation. I'll embarrassingly admit it; I first heard them as background music for a Car Insurance TV spot:

But thankfully later a coworker let me borrow their impressive Junior album, which included "Vision One." It's a song that's found its way onto many mixtapes in the last year and half:

Finally, here's the song "This Space" posted earlier on easy tiger:

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