Friday, October 15, 2010

How are cranberries grown and harvested?

Earlier today I was about an hour north of Madison, Wisconsin at a bog learning about cranberries.

Picture an entire football field dug down four feet below the surface surrounded by a moat like ditch. Then fill that bed with with cranberry vines. Once the cranberries are ripe and ready to be picked, the bed is filled with water. Once ripe, the cranberries practically* fall off the vines themselves (*a truck runs through with a large front-rake-type of attachment to knock all the cranberries off the vines). Cranberries float up to the surface of the water and are corralled by a boom, not unlike how oil is gathered after a sea spill.

I wasn't the only one thigh deep in a cranberry bog today. A known associate was with me:

Bowling Pin amongst the vines of ripe cranberries, before it gets flooded.
Bowling Pin at the edge of the bog, standing on the boom.
Bowling Pin floating with the cranberries in the bog.

These three pictures will soon be added with the others.

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