Monday, October 18, 2010

Is 30 the new 20?

Last week I went a little overboard posting here and here about Minka Kelly, Esquire Magazine's sexiest woman alive. There's something refreshing about having that title go to someone over the age of thirty.

Speaking of people you are shocked are 30, Amber Lancaster!

Odds are if you are over 30 you haven't heard of Ms. Lancaster because she's currently famous for having an integral role in MTV's high school dramedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger. The show is an entertaining and heartfelt show (albeit raunchy) about a struggling teen daydreaming his way into the upper class of school popularity. Currently filming it's second season, I'm sure MTV will start rerunning the holy hell out of it before the launch of its second season.

Although I'm sure most actresses in Hollywood don't want their age known, let alone shouted as a strength, but it's a nice feeling to those of us who can't go a month without hearing, "Oh my God! I'm turning (an age lower than yours)! I'm OLD!"

Someone new heard my personal theory on my own age perception - it got a chuckle from him so I'll share it here:
I won't consider myself old until I stop involuntarily taking two stair steps at a time walking up to my condo and I won't consider myself elderly until I'm forced to take two footsteps per one stair.

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