Saturday, October 23, 2010

What are this year's favorite songs from last year?

For the past few years I've started a "Best of-" playlist that gets populated and adjusted throughout the year. This year, more so than in years past, has been difficult as I seem to frequently be a year late to the party. That's why I had the great idea last month to make a B-Side to last year's "Best of 2009" which was as follows:For the record, "1901" was my self proclaimed Song of the Year. I think it's important to not adjust the above playlist. A lot of these playlists are a snapshot into my ears. I like going back to an old playlist to bring back why I was listening to so-and-so at certain points in my life. It's great how I went nearly two years unable to NOT include "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand on every damn mixtape I burned.

Here is the list for Best of 2009: Part 2

I'm not ready to publish a Best of 2010 so far mixtape mainly because there are three highly anticipated albums I know I'll be purchasing the day they drop. Two songs from those three have a very inside track to making it to that list. More importantly (to me only) is the tight race for Song of 2010. In years past songs like "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 2" were runaway selections. It was as if I instantly knew the song wouldn't be topped. No such song is separating itself from the pack this year, but the front runners are "Sweetest Kill," "Ready to Start" and the dark horse "No Big Deal."

P.S. There's an internal controversy over the above Freelance Whales selection. iTunes has the track as a 2009 number whereas Amazon has it listed in 2010. It's gonna hit the fan in early December when I hear that song live at Lincoln Hall because that song has the potential to take the top spot of 2010.

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