Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Closing Thoughts on the Olympics and other thoughts at 3 am

Misty May may have won her second consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball, but that's no excuse for having a tramp stramp referencing a Wife Beater who's not your husband.

D. Wade made me proud to be an American and, as always, associated with Marquette University.

While at a party on Saturday, me and another guy were watching the 4 x 400 women's relay.
U.S. started gaining ground on Russia.
We both start yelling
Everybody stopped to watch it too.
We take some credit in the comeback.
I then yelled out, "That's why we won the cold war muthafuckas!"

Another guy at this party, was acting drunk.
Later, he got drunk, but he likes to act drunk.
I can only handle him in small doses - only see him maybe twice a year.
He kept referencing how "gay" Men's Diving was.
Ironically, he didn't (and probably doesn't) know that the Aussie to win that gold medal is the only openly gay gold medalist of the games.
Openly gay.
NBC should be ashamed for not showing his family and partner in the crowd.

Danny "Harry Potter" Radcliffe was on Conan tonight - said he watched the Olympics...
But he called it, "China versus U.S."
Great Britain won it's most medals in Olympic history, but he never saw one Brit Olympian.

Medal Count is bullshit.
As Herman Edwards said:

to WIN
the GAMES!

China wins the Olympics, they had the most gold medal.
This ain't a Bronze-off.
As another coach once said, I'll say about China:
"Crown their ass."


Pre-ordering off iTunes is the only way to go.
The Verve's comeback album (I know, their latest one) drops Tuesday.
I was able to download it at 10 pm Monday Night.
I'm listening to it now.

Too many sailboats in the Kennedy bio-pic at the Democratic National Convention tonight.
But... I guess it's okay to be an elitist if you're a KENNEDY.
Personally, I agree with Bill Maher when it comes to political elitism.
I want my politicians to think they're better than us.
It's a big job... Better think you're qualified.

Listened to the Slate Podcast today.
It was a story about what if Obama loses.
As much as an Obama victory will be a gigantic step towards equality.
An Obama loss will be as much a step backward.
Here we are, U.S.A...
A chance to try to right a wrong.
And many will say, "nope, let's not just stay racist - let's be more racist."

Watched a bit of Oprah tonight.
This is not a regular occurrence.
She had the kids from The Cosby Show reuniting.
Man, that show was great to watch when I was a kid.
I'd like to show that show to my children if I have the chance.
You know Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable would campaign for Obama.
They couldn't possibly be Alan Keyesesque Flat Taxers, could they?

Turned off Oprah after a half hour.
Theo and company left the stage.
Then Oprah announced that everyone in the audience gets all 8 seasons of The Cosby Show on DVD.
Crowd goes nuts.
Then, before she introduced David Cassidy, she holds up a pink smart phone from Sprint.
Oprah urges people, if they have a Sprint phone, to text something for I don't know what the purpose.
Then she mentions ringtones available that sound like Partridge Family songs.
This is her segue to Cassidy's performance.
The crowd goes bezerk.
Not bezerk for Cassidy, bezerk because Oprah - still holding the smart phone from Sprint - gives a sideways glance to the crowd and a sideways smirk.
They can smell free shit like it's a buffet day at the zoo.
People start literally shaking others in the audience.
Yeeaaah, can you believe this? Can you believe we're here? Can you imagine we can feel this alive? We have a free phone and 3 freaking months free... Am I dreaming?

Realizing that Rudy and Associates aren't coming back, I flip off and make the comment out loud in my empty bedroom, "And you know what else you get my fans? The antidote!."
And I laugh at my own joke.

If people can quit something bad instantly, can you start something good just as quick.
That's what I'm attempting.
I don't smoke.
Never have.
But if I did, and I tried to quit, I'd try the old "cold turkey" routine.
I'm starting "healthy eating" cold turkey.
Small steps.
Tonight my dinner included squash.
In an absolute WTF moment in my newfound (aka living on my own) life.
TQ eats squash with turkey meatballs.
No fast food in sight.
Hope it lasts.
Need strength.
That... and 2,000 calories a day.

Brian Westbrook, does "redeem team" mean anything to you?
This year, make me forget, forgive... Fortify.

Broken Social Scene announced an October show.
Not just any day in October.
The Thursday before my Friday My Morning Jacket Show.
Could that be the best back to back concert experience of my life?
Need to find somebody for that B.S.S. show first.

Back to this party from Saturday for a moment.
Someone asked me where I was from.
Although it hasn't happened in YEARS, I knew what she meant.
I said, "Des Plaines" knowing that's not what she wanted to hear.
(Before that)
I then said, "Prospect Heights" growing angry inside.
Before she added, "I'm american."
And she asked if my parents were born in America.
The anger is unknown to me.
In the past I felt shame at my speech impediment.
Used to collapse inside my shoulders when the thought was raised.
Recalling that memory before 6 year old soccer when some kid asked me, "Do you speak English?"
Pour the liquor out of your ears bitch.

I have no idea who Russell Brand is.
He's hosing the MTV Video Music Awards.
It's a new low of pop culture ignorance.
Bothers me, only somewhat.
But still... have I been passed by?

It's an urban legend. The "F" word is not an acronym for Fornicate Under Command of the King.

Do all young people in foreign countries think all Americans have the speech pattern and syntax of George W. Bush?
In the same way we assign the same English and Aussie accents as generalizations.
Is our forceful german mocking impressions a kin to Southern drawl jokes across the pond?

My penchant for dating strangers appears to be decreasing by the day.
Still at an unhealthy high level, it's refreshing to notice a decline.
I've seen the fish in the sea.
Participated in that pool.
It's exhausting.
Thinking of it makes me want to make another attempt at slumber.

Happy Thoughts,

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