Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NetFlix needs to catch Olympic Fever

Yesterday, I mentioned that I enjoy watching Olympic Events that I only get to watch every 4 years. There were a few that I listed – but it did not include Swimming, Gymnastics of Volleyball. Although I do only watch those events every four years, you can usually find examples of those sports in some capacity (U.S. Nationals, World Championships, NCAA Championships) in a non-Olympic setting. They aren't as rare as Judo. Judo, by the way, was an event I saw over the weekend and forgot to include on my list yesterday.

Rowing was another event I watched yesterday and failed to mention.
Which brings me to today's topic:

I saw Oxford Blues so long ago I barely know what it's about at all. However, I just remember that Rob Lowe was an American, he was at Oxford University (for some reason) and he got his ass in a boat and started rowing! Late last night - and I mean LAAATE (circa 2:30 am) - I was watching the 8 man rowing competition and getting hypnotized by the repetitive motion. It would've probably gotten me into slumberland easier if only I wasn't pissed at NetFlix...

For hours earlier I went to add Oxford Blues to my queue list and found the Rob Lowe Crew Flick nowhere to be found on the site. C'mon NetFlix, let's get some Olympic event appropriate titles up on there.

FYI: I think I'm going to be writing something Olympic related every day for the next fortnight... cue the Olympic Theme

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