Monday, August 11, 2008

Don’t cure my Olympic Fever

I've always loved the Olympics.
There are very few memories I have of the South Bend house of my Mom's parents - but one of them was me as a 5 year old watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Games in Los Angeles.

My first real memory watching the '88 Winter Games in Calgary, loved all the flags and was curious where nations like Finland were.

I love most watching sports that I only get to watch once every four years. Here are some that I watched JUST THIS WEEKEND:
Team Handball (wish I would've played that in gym class)
Fencing (no clue what was going on, both people celebrated every point)
Badminton (China is UN-STOP-A-BULL)

However, as much as I love the Olympics... it's probably not as much as this guy:

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