Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Thoughts on the Olympics

I'm sorry, I think Phelps lost that race Friday Night.

What's worse, Americans playing beach volleyball in bikinis or The Aussie basketball team in this?

The Aussie women seem to wear the same uniform on the Softball diamond, is it a cost cutting venture?

In my last post I indirectly awarded a U.S. Gymnast a beauty award... Seemingly on cue, U.S. Softball was aired:

I'm more impressed by how the 100 meter was won by "Lightning" Bolt than anything Phelps has done

If you didn't see it, he only needed to run for some 80 meters.
He looked around, saw no one, and began celebrating
Not embellishing: he was thumping his chest BEFORE the finish line

And he set a new world record when doing this...
Finally, the guy's six feet seven inches tall... and is a sprinter?

I also mentioned Amanda Beard in my last post... In case you forgot who that was?

But the olympics isn't all about sex appeal:

Let the record show that I'm currently watching Women's Weightlifting... Giving it equal time that I have Finch and the U.S. Women's softball from the night before.

But I paid closer attention last night... well, who could blame me?

Looking forward to one more week of Olympic images:

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