Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lunch, Olympics, and a hot bartender

Yesterday I asked if anybody wanted to go to Ozzie's for lunch.
Ozzie's is a bar with average, to above average, food that features High Definition Televisions.
I had no takers. I spent the lunch surfing the web for stories on the Olympics.

Today I asked again, this time checking the web to see what sports would be shown.
Although I now included Kayaking and Water Polo in my invitation, I still had no takers.
However, today, I just went to Ozzie's alone.

I decided to sit right at the bar, to give me point blank range at Benjamin Boukpeti of Togo:

This guy was great. He won the Bronze for single kayak slalom, the first medal in his nation's Olympic history. In his celebration he snapped his paddle in half across his bow (reminiscent of an angry Bo Jackson after a strikeout).
BBC news link on Togo, the boat, and Boukpeti's buoyancy
Boukpeti would've been the highlight of any lunch of mine if it wasn't for this interchange between the bartender and I:

(Setting: noontime at a nearly empty bar)
Jennifer (bartender): Quickly gives me the Coke I ordered.
TQ (author): Quickly drinks the glass.
J: said as refilling the glass with the Wunder Bar"Are you hungover?"
T: after a slight pause"No."
J: defensively"Oh, because I suck down pop that quick too when I'm hungover."
T: concentrating on her use of the word "too""Well, I'm not hungover."
(minutes pass)
J: shooting out another refill for yours truely"I didn't mean that you looked hungover, I'm sorry, it's just I drink that fast too sometimes."
T: sheepishly thanks her non verbally and attempts to watch the USA versus Italy Water Polo match
(more minutes pass)
J: "Do you want another refill?"
T: "Yeah, although I'm a little self conscious on how fast I'm drinking these, since they make you think I'm hungover."
J: laughs"Oh I'm sorry, it's just that when I first wake up - when hungover - I'm so thirsty for pop I just gotta have it like super quick."
(more minutes pass)
J: "Refill?"
T: "No thanks, I think I'm good for the afternoon."
I kinda want to go back there tomorrow for lunch...

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