Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok, I admit it, I watched Oprah again.

First let me say that in Chicagoland, the home of the Oprah, the show's on multiple times a day.
Please don't think I'm taping this show.

Just like the other night, I'm flipping around the channels...
As soon as I flip to Oprah I realize she's talking to one of the seated people in the audience.
It's a man.
This is why I didn't flip to the next channel.
From my limited viewing experience, I didn't think men were allowed in that arena.

Before I can decipher what this informal Q&A is about, his name pops up with the subtitle:
"Says more sex makes him happier."

Thinking Oprah may have pulled a huge "get" and snagged Captain Obvious to be her next guest, I continue watching.
Turns out this man's wife, seated next to him, took a belly dancing class and...

You can see where it goes from here.

Some people forget that Oprah was a "Jerry Springer" in her early career.
Her shows were routinely mocked by comedians for featuring an ecletic mix of lesbians, alien abducts, and your standard fare white trash Americana.

Then she got legitimate.
She started a book club.
Found her spirit.
Endorsed Barrack.
And as much as I enjoyed it, reunited the Cosby Family the other night.

Thankfully, Neil Patrick Harris saved me from watching more Oprah.
He was the second guest on Letterman.
NPH, will be forever respected by yours truely due to this:

I loved that show.
I demanded that my bedtime be extended to include the program into my weekly routine.

And what about bedtimes?
I heard my cousin doesn't have one for his kids.
Some of my friends may have survived this parental training mechanism.
It was such an essential part of a new school year - the extension of my bedtime.

I was already at an odds during recess not having cable.
Now I had to contend with playground talk of last night's Carson?
(that's Johnny Carson, not Carson Daly - although I'm sure nobody reading this would make that mistake)

Oh, Nas is on Letterman now.
A track about Fox News?
It's amazing how much a live backup back and improve a hip-hop performance.
Nas seems to be wearing a leather jacket dedicated to Team USA
The 1996 U.S. Basketball Team USA.
And finally, an awkward moment between Dave and Nas.

Idea of the night from President Elvis:
Example of Power versus Power of Example.

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