Monday, August 18, 2008

Pardon this quick Olympic break to discuss Girl Talk's latest album

My bitch a choosin' lover
Never fuck without a rubber
Never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover
Money on the dresser, drive a Compressor
Top notch ho's get the most, not the lesser
Trash like to fuck with $40 in the club
Fuckin' up the game, bitch it gets no love
She be cross country, givin' all that she got
A thousand a pop, I'm pullin' Bentleys off the lot
I smashed up the gray one, bought me a red
Everytime we hit the parkin' lot we turn head
Some ho's wanna choose but them bitches too scary
Your bitch chose me, you ain't a pimp, you a fairy

This except from a DJ Vortex track is what Girl Talk chose to open his latest album "Feed The Animals." It is an instant bolt of energy that takes you for a great 53 minute and 27 second ride.

Girl Talk has firmly established himself as my "Band of the Moment."

("If you want to call it a band because it's a one name")

Girl Talk takes "the mash-up" to a new level. 100% of the album is sampled. The artistry appears in the beautiful blend he creates. (i.e. Jay-Z's Original Gangster laid over Radiohead's OK Computer)

What's also great about this album: it's for sale for whatever price you want to pay for it! You want to buy it for $5 - go ahead. You want to buy it for $3 - that's fine too!

This album has had me bumpin' at my desk for a solid week now. Last Friday the co-worker that first mentioned Girl Talk to me gave me his first album, and I'm looking forward for "Night Ripper" to provide next week's soundtrack.

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