Monday, August 18, 2008

Memo to Phelps: Stop pumping Facebook

On two consecutive nights either Bob Costas or Michael Phelps have mentioned his facebook page.


I've built quite an impressive wall between me and joining Facebook.
(Currently, I am not on Facebook)
Frequently, I cite that there is nothing Facebook can offer me that MySpace does not.

A really close friend finally walked over to the Facebook side - and he wants me to get over there too.

We came to the consensus that there is only one thing that Facebook can offer that MySpace can't:
More People.

This, I told him, was not a good thing.
This, I told him, will just make people I don't care about from high school find me easier.
This, I told him, might make me stalk down girls I used (yeah, who am I kidding - still) have crushes.

Now I've got the Olympics all up in my face promoting the site I'm trying to avoid.

And it's not just Phelps.

Local (Chicagoan) U.S. Diver Christina Loukas mentioned all the people who became her friend after the U.S. Olympic Trials:

For the time being, I'm going to stay monogamous as far as Social Networking Websites are concerned...
It seems that everybody thinks Facebook is superior.
I'm going to keep rooting for the underdog (no matter if it's a multi-million dollar property owned by Rupert Murdock)

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