Friday, August 15, 2008

Miss one night of the Olympics, miss a lot?

Wednesday night I watched the White Stockings shut out the Blue Royals.
One would think, without Phelps in the pool, I wouldn't miss much.

Here's what I missed (For the record, excellent use of the music from Requiem for a Dream

And a quick note on the U.S. Gymnastics Team.
The woman's team, specifically.
I'm speaking of the Team Competition, in which the American girls took the Silver.
Where the Chinese Embryos won the Gold.

Of the three women who preformed most of the events, two are competing as I type for the Gold in the Individual All Around: Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin.
Those two are the better gymnasts.
They weren't the one that fell off the beam or sat down on the floor exercise...
But even though one may take a place in history next to Mary Lou Retton, Wheaties box and Today show interview and all, I don't think they'll be who we'll know in the coming years.

Because Alicia Sacramone has a career of celebrity ahead of her (if she wants it)
In an arena of girls - she was the woman.

Sacramone is the Amanda Beard of the Beijing Games.
We haven't seen seen the last of her, because too many surely want to see more.

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