Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you ready for some FANTASY?

Q: Will you be watching NFL's opening Titan / Steeler game?
A: For sure if you have anybody in your Fantasy Football team playing...

A good friend of mine, during the summer of 2001, was working as an intern at a Chicago Sports Radio station. He asked a few people in that office for suggestions on starting a fantasy football league.

It was an instant hit. Currently we run all year long with baseball and basketball fantasy leagues filling in the gaps. I am the proud commissioner of the NBA Fantasy League.

Our league is great. Our managers are great. Our scoring system is great. More importantly, I feel we have a one-up on nearly every other league out there for one major fact:

Complimentary to my personal sense of pride is the fact that I don't see any aspect of another League that I envy...

Until recently...

A coworker brought in their "Stanley Cup" type Fantasy Trophy.
I instantly asked him if I could take pictures of it:

This league has been together since 1986! Way before the Internet and it's influence on the realm's popularity and expansion. Notice how they have had to add another block on the trophy's bottom to add more room to chronicle past champions:

We don't have a trophy in our league.
I've always wanted one.
The largest reason why we don't have one is a by product of our intense spirit of competition: We can't trust that an outgoing champion will relinquish the trophy.

I was curious to know who the "fantasy stars" of 1986 might have been.
Most of the names will surprise you:

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