Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How good is Kickin' Impossible?

Q: How did the kickball team fare tonight?
A: In a very well played game, we were just too outmatched and lost.

Conflict Diamond now has a record of 2-3.
If you take a look at the standings, you'll see that the team we played tonight, Kickin' Impossible, is undefeated.

It's very clear to see why.
If it wasn't for our Outfielders playing extremely deep, the game might have been called due to the slaughter rule after the first inning.

Never before have I seen a kickball kicked that far, by multiple people, in the same inning.

I took the loss harder than I should.
It's a fun activity, but man - it's so much more fun when you win...

Driving a couple people home after the game, I change the my car stereo playlist from "kickball" to "Best of 2009."

The first song on that playlist happens to be "Everyone is Guilty" by Akron/Family.

My teammate asked me if I was playing that song on purpose - alluding to why we just lost.
It was a comically awful coincidence.
The same teammate said that it was our best game of the season.
He's right.
Even the umpire told me of our team's improvement.
I just wonder what would've happened if we played a different team tonight and played this well.

If we play this well again, I don't see how we can lose... Unless we meet Kickin' Impossible in the playoffs.

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