Monday, September 14, 2009

What's in your queue?

Q: Should I maybe still ask her out?
A: a way of formally starting the comparison shopping?

The consensus is saying I need to cultivate this friendship.
Right now we aren't quite friends.
She is also dating "someone."
By my deduction, for less than 3 months.

On multiple occasions I have heard, "we were just friends before we
got married."
However, all these friendships were during school years.

I am seriously considering a ban on dating until I get my MBA.
The thought of other single professionals in a classroom appeals to me.
It may be, to borrow a Top Gun phrase, a Target Rich Environment.
Not to mention, a guy with a graduate degree is more attractive to some.
That is code for "women like money"

Only one thing exists that Women like more than the concept of a rich
husband: travel.

That is because, in my opinion, a rich man can more easily provide
access to travel.

Back to "Target."
I am very relieved that I found out a while ago that she's dating
Because lately she has turned the volume up on our quazi-friendship.
These signs could've been horribly misinterpreted.

Or maybe she wants them misinterpreted?
Does she want a fight for her love?
Could I only be as attractive as the grass on the other side of the

Have I ever mentioned that when it comes to women, and reading their
signs, I am LOST?

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