Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is life easy?

Q:How long has it been since I've posted a "Song of the Moment?"
A: I can't remember - too long that's for sure.

One of the first "Song of the Moment" tracks I ever posted was from a small unknown band from Denmark called Mew. They have a new album, and a new song that got recognized recently on NPR's All Songs Considered.

Sometimes Life Isn't Easy.

Speaking of Life Not Being Easy.
I think enough time has passed to tell this story.
And by time passing, I mean... well, you'll read at the end.

I went on an expensive date recently.
That story, has wounds a little too fresh to reveal now.
But let me just say, for reasons very known to me - and would be very stupid if known to you, I wanted another date...
On my terms...

I had called her about three days before the next date.
Explaining that I wanted to see her again, but that I would not be able to treat her to nights as expensive as the previous date.
She complied.
Or so I thought.

She was supposed to show up at my place at 3 pm.
We were going to go out golfing.
Then, to a nice dinner.

She texted me at 7 pm.
Then there were a bunch of lies from her.
How am I sure she was was not truthful?
You can thank the lack of corroborating evidence on her facebook page.
A very large case could be built against her from JUST her facebook page.
Not to mention, the sheer insult of not showing up for a date - with a weak texted apology 4 hours too late.

Yes, I wanted to have a face to face conversation with her.
Finally, I was able to get her to agree to another date... or so I thought.
She wanted to know what I proposed for the next date.
I re-proposed the plan we had scheduled.

The idea she had agreed to.

"To be honest with you, going to a 'crappy' golf course doesn't appeal to me"

(new text message)

"It shows lack of regard"

In between receiving these two texts I told her we could skip the golf part and just go to a nice dinner.

Then she replied, "Ok, fine... But it's kind of weak."

By the way, I failed to mention that this girl does not golf.
She does not own clubs.

I was pissed off when I got that message calling my date idea weak.
My response, "Don't misinterpret the fact that I can't spend $200 a date as lack of regard."

With that text - she deleted my friendship on facebook.
Which means she probably won't see this - which is why I can post it now.

That expensive date was actually our second date. Although the first date was on a weeknight and did not include dinner... it was a casual "meet for the first time" public place kind of thing... The expensive date, although it was the second time I saw her, was really the FIRST DATE.

We're talking a Saturday Night.
We're talking me picking her up.
We're talking me paying for dinner.
We're talking my consideration of applying for a bank loan if I was going to keep seeing her.

Sad to say, but that first "meet up date" is an all-time story for yours truly.
A story that exposes more of my vulnerability that even I can not share in this medium.
Someone who over thinks to the extent that I do uses tales like that to both strengthen and hide my choices.

I look forward to next week.
A week with zero romantic pitfalls on the horizon.
Hopefully the next few posts will be filled with kickball stories, thoughts on the movies Sugar and Advertureland, basketball observations and more hopeful insomniac rants.

September, for the last three years, was the best month for me.
Landmark events happened in this month.
One story specifically that I also plan to re-post on Tuesday.

The 2009 edition of September started off something awful.
Last weekend was a definite "win" but I'm rooting for this month to finish strong.

I'll start with a little MoJo victory over "AD" A.P.

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