Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is there a more menacing sounding rule than the slaughter rule?

Q: Did the kickball team win it's first game?
A: The official score was 12-1 (stopped in the bottom of the 5th).

I'm playing kickball now... or more accurately: again.
It was an activity I loved when I was a kid in gym class.
Especially back in the romantic era of gym class.

I'm referring to the time of mindless school before social caste systems formed.
Before the cafeteria morphed into a flow chart of popularity.
And, for the cases of this post, transformed gym class into a prison yard.

My kickball team is comprised of coworkers.
If work is our New School, these kickball games are an oasis of recess.

The whole process began over two years ago when a former coworker mentioned that she and her friends had formed a kickball team. Hearing that created a mental itch that eventually grew harder and harder to ignore.

I sent an e-mail to some of of my more active coworkers to gauge interest. Soon I had over twenty interested parties spanning ten different departments expressing similar enthusiasm. The short time frame worked in our team's favor - as everything had to get in order quickly. If this league's season had started three weeks from now, perhaps people might have begun second guessing why they want to schedule into their adult life as many as 9 kickball games.

We play every Tuesday Night from now until just before Halloween. Our team, "Conflict Diamond" was the last team into the league before it sold out. You may be surprised by how popular kickball is in the City of Chicago.

Our team scored 7 runs in the bottom of the first, and never looked back.
Three different people hit home runs, including a walk off that enabled the Slaughter Rule.
I didn't hear it, but someone called one of our girls an "easy out."
She heard it however, just before she kicked a two RBI (or is it RKI?) single.

But don't let the final, slaughter rule shortened, result of 12-1 fool you.
The game was won on Defense.
They might have been a bunch of soccer players who couldn't catch.
But we had multiple instances of diving catches or long runs to get to far away fly balls.
Not to mention a pitcher with dead aim accuracy (both in pitching and throwing out others).

Next week's game is a little later in the day, and will be our first game under the lights.
Are we ready for prime time?
I think A Tribe Called Quest asked it best:

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