Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who can you blame?

Q: On Tuesday September 8, did something not go entirely the way you wanted?
A: I blame Oprah, for all minor setbacks and inconveniences incurred on that day.

For the second straight week, I was involved in a slaughter-rule shortened game of kickball.
The absence of further details will help you deduce the result.

I've learned in this last week that not everybody knows what kickball is.
There seems to be a cultural gap that I've roughly identified beginning in the year 1965.
From my extremely unscientific research - if you were born before 1965 odds are you did not play kickball in gym class and have no frame of reference.

Of course, my Father does not know what kickball is... When visiting him this last weekend he told me he went to the Internet trying to figure out his son's latest venture... This process probably made my Dad more confused. There are quite the litany of kickball related websites, which can be difficult to sift through.

I'm sure he at least saw, which is the official site of the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association). The organization had a story on CNN over Labor Day Weekend. MySister saw a news tease bump on last night's WGN news and quickly called me. After watching it "live" I quickly found the same story online:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Let the record show that I'm not entirely happy with kickball's depiction in this story.
I'm glad it got publicity.
It's good for people to know that we are out there having fun.
There's also a sense of coolness I feel for maybe being just behind the cusp of this wave's popularity.
But it is not an excuse to just go out drinking.
Nobody, not in 2009 - not ever, needed an organized sporting activity to get them drinking.
People have been fueling themselves for years... Long before kickball competition...

The highlight of our game tonight is when a teammate turned to me and mentioned, "I really like kickball." in a tone that had a hint of surprise. This person, I'm sure anticipated, that this activity would be fun... But it may have been underestimated.

Sadly, I will be elsewhere for next week's game.
It is against the best named team in the league: Kick Tease

I embedded a classic track after last week's result.
In anticipation for a bounce back effort against a well named team, here's a song that references our team name (Conflict Diamond).

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