Sunday, September 27, 2009

What mixtapes did I make?

Q: What compelled me to make multiple mixtapes this weekend?
A: It's been a while since I've made one - is probably the best reason.

I knew I wanted to have "Can I Kick It" on a kickball mixtape.
So I made it very hip-hop centric:

(But I have to admit a glaring omission from the kickball mixtape: there is no Machine Gun Mojo on it.)

You see, one of our kickball players is in a promising local band.
Please check out Machine Gun Mojo.
The kid, Matt, was pushing his band's first album around the workplace not too long ago.
Sold all his copies.
I didn't buy one on purpose - I want to buy it off iTunes (which he says is forthcoming)
Personally, I feel this is the best way to support his band - to boost the online purchase numbers.
Not to mention - ever since I upgraded by car sterero to be iPod friendly - I don't need another tangible compact disc in my life.

Here's the mixtape:

I made this mixtape shortly after work ended on Friday.
This Saturday morning, I woke up unexpectedly early - and decided it was time to make a "Best of so far" mixtape.

Which is as follows:

Note that this is only of the new music I have heard. A couple albums that had a high probability of inclusion are the latest efforts by Mute Math and Moby. But, sadly, I have not yet purchased those albums.

It's very important to note, especially with that second mixtape, that if I am on the fence between two tracks I will select the lesser known one... This is because I want to help advertise the unknown quality. However, I understand that those decisions also make me look like a music snob. You don't have to believe me, but my motive is to cause a reaction of "oh, maybe I should check out that act" rather than "oh, look at me and how obscure my musical tastes are).

It's a tough line to walk.
On one hand, I did get upset that Phoenix got so uber-popular their concert got moved to a worse (larger) venue. However, I want others to experience these good acts to help prevent the band from breaking up (and on a lesser scale, ensuring that they stop by Chicago on tour).

2009 is three quarters over - and I am feeling really bad about which songs I'll have to cut based on the new music I'll hear in these next three months from that list.

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